Staff of the Runnin' WJ Ranch

Sam Clem: Executive Director


I have always seen myself as the person down in the valley fighting for our children in life, just like David fought Goliath. I am the protector and the one that is required to have my heart out there for people to see. My prayer is that I do not get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do at the Ranch.


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Karen Akin: Instructor


I was introduced to the Ranch in the early days when Ms. Patricia was here and volunteered as a horse leader and volunteer caller. After a few years, the opportunity came for me to return to Runnin’ WJ and become an instructor. I have been an instructor for four years now and love it! I enjoy seeing a change in the kids and seeing how they simply desire to love you back. It is just a great blessing to work here.


Contact Email is: Buckskingal5501@aol.​com

Mary Lynn Patterson: Director of Public Relations and Development


When I was in high school, I helped lay sod and volunteered during summer camps in the early days of the Ranch. I didn’t return to Runnin’ WJ until January of 2012, when I started serving as Public Relations and Development Coordinator. It is amazing to see how God has blessed the program and how much it has grown. At the Ranch, you will mostly see me in the office, working on a grant, the monthly electronic newsletter, social media promotions or in the arena behind the camera. I love the Ranch and what it stands for and it’s so easy to promote a place you believe in. It’s a blessing to walk outside when life gets stressful, and watch a class ride or visit the barn to pet a horse. This place is therapeutic for everyone who walks through our door.


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Mack Dean: Barn Manager


My job at the Ranch is to look after the horses and barn. I also make sure the correct horses are tacked and ready for classes. I also help with occasional maintenance work around the Ranch. Often, I help the students mount their horses. I enjoy working with the horses and watching the riders’ reactions to riding.


Contact: (903) 826-1856

Brittany Rogers: Program Director and Instructor


I have been at Runnin’ WJ Ranch since the beginning; handing my dad nails when this place was built and volunteering in class and in the barn, to now acting as Instructor and Program Director. I absolutely LOVE my job and all the students and volunteers that I get to come in contact with every day. I am truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization and thank God every day!


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Shelly Raulston: Lead Instructor


I came to RWJR several years ago as a volunteer horse leader for Mrs. Patricia wanting to make some new friends and be involved in an organization with a Christian mission. What a blessing that decision would be! I had the opportunity to become a certified instructor when Mr. Sam took over, and I recently took a full time position this year as Lead Instructor. Our students and volunteers are the heart and soul of our program, and it is so exciting to see the progress of my students facing challenges and overcoming them on their own or with the help of our awesome volunteers. I started out simply wanting to do something positive with my time, but the blessings and rewards I receive every day far outweigh anything I could have imagined. RWJR is a sanctuary for all who come here, and I love working at a place where so many lives are changed each and every day!


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